You Absolutely Must Watch This Beirut Travel Guide Video!

beirut travel guide

This new Beirut travel guide video is the latest episode produced on Attaché, a travel show on Youtube.

Very rarely do I come across a video about Lebanon or Beirut that I’m proud to share. Simply because they usually include many of the false assumptions about the country.

Although there were many over-simplistic explanations/information, particularly about the civil war. The video grasped exactly what I would want non-Lebanese people to see and know of Lebanon. Also, running the Muslim call to prayer in the background gave a vibe that reminded me of those typical movies made about the Middle East.

The host, Alex Hunter, highlights our great ability to co-exist, our incredible culture, food and people. He also covers a few stories of Lebanese people who lived abroad but are returning back to Lebanon for various reasons.

Alex is also taken to Al Salam Sweets, an ice cream shop located in Ashrafieh that has been rated among the best in the world by many media outlets like Forbes, CNN, New York Times, Guardian, Paris Match, Le Figaro, TV5, Wall Street Journal, Trip Advisor and many others.

The host of this Beirut Travel Guide video said the following:

It is almost impossible not to be enchanted by a country and a people that overflows such optimism. Where, as a visitor, will be welcomed with warmth and generosity unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

While Beirut may have not featured in your travel plans so far, I hope after all this, you’ll reconsider.

Should you come to Beirut? Absolutely! This city, this country, has shown the world how to recover; how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with it.

And for that, I admire, respect and adore Beirut.

Despite people criticizing this video (of course people would do that), I think that he did an incredible job of getting the feel of Beirut!

Big thanks to Banque du Liban – Accelerate 2016 for sponsoring it and making it happen!

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