Mustaqbal Supporters Are Attacking Security Forces in Beirut

Disapproving of the newly nominated prime minister, which brought former Prime Minister Saad Hariri to step down from heading Lebanon’s new government, groups of Mustaqbal Movement coming from Tariq El Jdidi committed reckless acts of vandalism and attacked Lebanese Army soldiers and security forces present in Corniche El Mazraa, Beirut.


The angry vandals randomly hurled stones at and used fireworks against people in the area of attack. They assaulted the reporters of NBN who were covering the events in that area.

The army has responded by using tear gas against the aggressors. An army statement said seven soldiers have been injured so far due to the stones thrown at them.


Hariri, through Twitter, asked the supporters “who truly love him” to immediately vacate the streets and cease their attacks. While these attacks are allegedly meant to ‘show support’ to Hariri, his call and efforts to de-escalate the situation have been fruitless so far. Violence is still ongoing, which makes one wonder what is that all about then.

The Imams of Tariq El Jdidi are also doing their part to end the violence by calling on the attackers to retreat through the loudspeakers of mosques. The attacks began in the afternoon of Friday, December 20th.

Army reinforcements are arriving at the scene as the situation is escalating.

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