Turns Out Myriam Klink Stole An Albanian Singer’s Music!

It has come to our attention that the song ‘Goal’ by Myriam Klink that

was recently banned in Lebanon

is actually a near-direct copy of an Albanian song. Specifically, the beat of an Albanian song called ‘Show Biz’ by Sabiani ft. Marseli and Shkendije Mujaj was taken and used in ‘Goal.’ The Albanian song, which was published on Youtube in May 2015, has over 56 million views. It’s also not any better than Klink’s music video but at least they didn’t use a 7 year old in their video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQwVQoC3mxE Last week, Myriam Klink released a provocative song and music video called “Goal” which has caused quite the controversy in Lebanon. The Minister of Information banned the song and was stopped from leaving the country. Myriam Klink’s video was banned due to its sexual explicitness and its inclusion of a child as a form of “exploitation.” Violating the decision will result in a LL50 million ($33,105) penalty. They also questioned Myriam Klink for over 4 hours and then released her.

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