The Story Of The Mysterious Ship Anchored In South Lebanon

What's The Story Of The Mysterious Ship Anchored In South Lebanon

A “Jaguar S” ship has kept the Lebanese authorities busy for the past few days since it anchored off the coast of Zahrani, South .

On Saturday, the mysterious ship, arriving from Greece, raised suspicions when it anchored in Lebanese waters, even though it was expected by neither official sources nor private companies.

The vessel was revealed to be carrying a fuel shipment, but its final destination was a mystery at the time of its arrival, as was the reason behind it entering .

The ship was accordingly seized by Lebanese Customs while an investigation was launched for answers.

It was later discovered, according to local media, that its intended final destination was , and that its owner was a Syrian company.

However, it remains in custody, reportedly until the investigation reveals why the ship arrived specifically in Zahrani and not anywhere else, like in the North which borders .

It’s noteworthy that the shipping agent responsible for the ship requested that it be exported to , but the Lebanese judiciary refused to do so in order to prevent from being subjected to sanctions, as per Asharq Al-Awsat.

It’s expected that will not allow the ship to enter, nor to head to but, instead, will return it to Greece, with the condition that those responsible for it guarantee that they won’t sail it anywhere else after its release.

As to why the ship raised fear of sanctions, this is because its alleged final destination is , and sending it to would obviously mean sending it to indirectly, which would probably make liable for sanctions under the Caesar Act.

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