Everything You Need To Know About The Newest Hiking Hot Spot In Lebanon

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If you want to escape into nature without driving for many hours into the mountains, this hiking spot is for you.

The Mseilha Walkway (Darb Mseilha) is easily accessible from the Batroun highway before the Chekka tunnel, about 90 minutes north of Beirut.

It’s one of the most popular hiking spots of the season because it’s easy to reach, not hard to walk, is enjoyable with changing atmospheres, and is nearby Batroun, which is full of interesting things to do after or before the hike.

The entrance in Chekka begins nearby the Mseilha Fort, a historic monument built by Emir Fakhreddine II in the 17th century to guard the route between Tripoli and Beirut.

It’s an easy hike, ideal for beginner or intermediate hikers. Once you begin, you’ll start to realize the noise of traffic from the highway reducing and you begin to pick up the calming sounds of flowing water and nature.

The hiking trail of Mseilha is sometimes referred to as the Nahr El-Jaouz (Walnut River) trail because it is located near the remarkable river.

Since 1998, Nahr El-Jaouz has been listed as a National and Historic Heritage Site by the Minister of Environment. Today, it helps supply the Mseilha reservoir with water to serve the region.

The walkway is a public space. It is always open and free of charge. Other than being a great way to get in those daily steps, it is also one of the most Instagrammable trails in Lebanon.

Disclaimer: Pets aren’t allowed, but this photo is too cute not to be shared. Please keep your pets at home when going hiking.

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