Nadine Hage’s Brother Shares All The Details About Her Kidnapping


The kidnapping of 17-year-old Nadine Hage shook Lebanon earlier this week. After missing for three days, Nadine was lucky to return home safely, unharmed, and untouched.

Opening up about his sister’s kidnapping, Patrick Hage told The961 that it was the hardest thing he had ever had to experience in his life.

The Kidnapper: Manipulating Vulnerable Minors

“He is a serial kidnapper who has done this two times before my sister’s case,” Patrick informed us.

The kidnapper, whose name was not disclosed, is believed to be somewhere between 36-38 years old and preys on young minors by manipulating them. 

Patrick told us that the kidnapper subjected Nadine to mental abuse while she was at her most vulnerable state, grieving the death of her grandma, cousin, and uncle from the coronavirus. 

“He benefited from her vulnerability and plotted the kidnapping for months,” Patrick said, adding that the kidnapper had undoubtedly been stalking them because of how he managed to snatch Nadine on the only night she was outside the vicinity of her town. 

“He is very dangerous and I don’t want any brother or sister to experience what I felt in those 3 days,” he said, “I hope they find him and [punish him].” 

Kidnapper’s Faulty Strategy

When asked about what the kidnapper might have wanted, Patrick told us about the kidnapper’s messed-up strategy. 

“He tries to kidnap for money, but wants the girl before she turns 18 (while she is still a minor) so it seems like she went with him at her own will so that he avoids legal persecution.”

Patrick explained that the kidnapper faked messages from his sister’s phone so that, if he is caught, it would look like she was the one who sent the messages.

“He is a pedophile, he’s sick.” 

As for Nadine, she escaped untouched and unharmed, as assured by a medical examination. “But mentally, he killed my sister,” Patrick lamented. 

The Troubled Upbringing Of An Ex-Convict Hair Dresser?

The kidnapper’s father was communicating with the authorities before Nadine was rescued, according to human rights advocate and media personality Joe Maalouf.

Patrick confirmed this. However, he said that the father was a senior in his 80s who was married twice and that the kidnapper is his son from his second wife.

Looking for any reason why the kidnapper is the way he is, Patrick attributed the kidnapper’s sick actions possibly to a poor family relationship or upbringing.

Patrick also pointed out that the kidnapper is an ex-convict who had served jail time before. He also runs a hair salon for women where he apparently fishes the girls.

“Protect The Girls”

“My only wish is that, even if I had enemies, I wouldn’t want the same to happen to them. Because it is the worst feeling I ever felt in my entire life.”

“May God protect the girls from these kinds of people. I promised myself that if there’s any case like my sister’s I will try to help even in the smallest way I can,” he told us.

“Tell everyone to watch out for their little sisters,” he wanted us to convey.

“We’re already going through a tough time as it is. These kinds of people are just waiting for tough times to take advantage of others,” he warned.

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