A Municipality In Lebanon Just Imposed Nightly Curfew On “Foreigners And Syrians”


On Monday, the Nahr Ibrahim Municipality in the Byblos District released a notice in which it forces a curfew upon “foreigners and Syrians” from 9 PM to 6 AM and threatened to deport those who don’t oblige.

Justifying the nightly curfew, the municipality claimed that it was due to a concern over “unjustified traffic and roaming movement of foreigners and Syrians” inside the neighborhoods of the town at night, given the “current security and health” situation in the country.

In the interest of the “safety and comfort of the town’s residents,” the municipality not only imposed the curfew but also banned anyone who was not Lebanese from leaving their homes or receiving visitors at night for any reason, threatening deportation to those who violate the notice.