Lebanese Singer Naji Osta Is Facing Backlash For Performing At Wedding Of Beirut Blast Suspect’s Daughter

Lebanese Singer Naji Osta Is Facing Backlash For Performing At Wedding Of Beirut Blast Suspect's Daughter

People all over social media have strongly criticized Lebanese singer Naji Osta for performing at the wedding of Youssef Fenianos’ daughter later tonight.

They are calling him the “Singer of the Nitrates” for agreeing to perform at the wedding, knowing that Youssef Fenianos was a Public Works and Transportation Minister and knew of the Ammonium Nitrates that exploded in Beirut last year, which makes him a suspect.

What made people angrier is the fact that Osta had expressed anger and outraged on the same day of the Beirut Port Explosion, and personally visited the families of the victims and those affected shortly after the explosion.

And yet, he will be performing at the wedding of the daughter of someone who is partly responsible for it.

Images of Osta with “Singer of The Nitrates” written on his mouth were heavily trending on several social media websites.

A Lebanese by the name of Jana Massoud posted a video of Osta singing “people’s rights won’t die” and criticized him for headlining the wedding in Ehden tonight.

Osta is fast losing his popularity in the country as clear outrage was seen with numerous comments from people openly expressing their feelings of distaste.

Some even said that his artistic career will be over if he would go ahead and sing at that wedding.

A tweet by Osta on the day of the Beirut Explosion resurfaced online, along with a new response from a Lebanese lashing out at him to say what he had said back then:

“How can anyone fall asleep when feeling that they are 1% responsible for what happened today in Beirut???” That was Osta’s tweet of outrage back then.

Today, people want to hold him accountable for his words and are lashing out at him to say them again.

That wedding has been a controversial topic since its planned event was revealed by William Noun during a TV interview. William Noun is the brother of Joe Noun who was killed by the Beirut Port Explosion along with all his team members of the fire brigade.

During that interview, William vouched for blood revenge during the wedding celebration of Fenianos’ daughter, which is set to take place tonight, August 21st.

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