Najib Mikati Was Just Appointed Prime Minister-Designate

New Lebanese Government Will Hold Its First Meeting On Monday
Al Jazeera

After receiving the majority of votes, MP Najib Mikati has been selected as the Prime Minister-designate following today’s binding parliamentary consultations at Baabda Palace.

Mikati received endorsement from ex-PMs to form a new cabinet, including former PM-designate Saad Hariri who had stepped down 11 days ago, citing irreconcilable differences with President Michel Aoun over the division of ministries.

He was backed by the parliamentary blocs of the Future Movement, Hezbollah, Marada Movement, Progressive Socialist Party, Mikati‘s Azm party, Syrian Social Nationalist Party, and others.

Mikati did not receive the vote of Lebanese Forces nor the Free Patriotic Movement, as both blocs did not vote for anyone.

In total, there were 72 votes in favor of Mikati, 42 blank votes, and 1 vote for Nawaf Salam.

After two failed attempts to form a government over the past year, the billionaire businessman/former PM Mikati will now have to take his shot at forming a government consistent with the French initiative.

Earlier today, Aoun renewed Lebanon’s support for the French initiative that is deemed as the only key to unlocking billions of dollars in aid to rescue the crisis-struck country.

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