Over 2 Million Pads Are Being Donated To Girls and Women In Beirut

Hussein Malla/AP

Due to the spiraling economic situation in Lebanon, prices of basic products, including sanitary products, have been soaring.

And while it is not as visible as other forms of poverty, period poverty is a real thing. Women and girls are finding it increasingly difficult to afford these essential items.

Nana Arabia has just teamed up with Dawrati, a local NGO working to eradicate period poverty in Lebanon, to provide 2 million pads to support the women in Beirut that have been affected by the blast.

Dawrati (meaning My Period) will be distributing the pads via Beit El Baraka, which has been one of the most active local NGOs in helping the most impoverished and vulnerable families in the country.

Similarly, Always Arabia, contributing to P&G’s donation, has also provided a large supply of pads, amounting to 1.8M, to Beirut.

While Beirut is receiving endless generous donations for food, shelter, medical supplies, it’s important to remember the women of this city.

Inclusive acts as these hope to leave no one uncared for during these troubling times.