Nancy Ajram Just Released A New Song About Beirut

Nancy Ajram Is Releasing A New Song About Beirut Today

Lebanese star Nancy Ajram has kept her fans on the edge of their seats for nearly three weeks when she first hinted at a new upcoming song about Beirut.

The song will be a special gesture of love and solidarity for Beirut and an affirmation that the capital of Lebanon “doesn’t die,” the famed singer said in a tweet on Wednesday, announcing the release date to be Thursday, October 8th.

“For all lovers of Beirut, who are many, and for every person who believes that Beirut doesn’t die… Listen to my new song, tomorrow at 7 PM Lebanon time, on all music sites,” she tweeted.

This song, which comes a few months after her latest hit single, Albi Ya Albi, will apparently have a more patriotic theme that resonates with the current condition of Lebanon, especially after the August 4 explosion.

For days, social media has been buzzing with excited fans who, for the time being, have only been given a short glimpse of the new song in a brief video showing the Lebanese star working on it in a studio.

But Nancy Ajram‘s social media takeover extends weeks prior to the awaited release of the Beirut song and ties to another groundbreaking event that she was at the center of.

The highly-praised TikTok concert that Ajram held in September not only exceeded expectations in terms of its potential, considering it’s an online concert but also launched the 37-year-old Lebanese celebrity to the top of Twitter’s trending list.

While dominating the platform’s World Music Trending at #1 with حفل_نانسي_تيك_توك# (Nancy’s TikTok Concert), Nancy Ajram became the first singer to host a TikTok concert in the region and the second worldwide, after the Canadian star The Weeknd, who by the way donated $300,000 to help the victims of Beirut explosion.

The “hype” that Nancy created with her acclaimed TikTok performance last month got stronger with the exciting announcement that followed it regarding the new Beirut tribute song. It can only be expected to grow bigger by Thursday night.

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