Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Just Celebrated Hamas’ Attacks In Israel

Arab News

Hezbollah applauded Hamas this Saturday for their “courageous” and “triumphant” incursion into southern Israel.

In an official statement, Hezbollah revealed that it is in ongoing discussions with Palestinian factions about the operation. The group urged Israel to “learn” from these events.

Hezbollah emphasized that the operation served as a “retaliation against the ongoing offenses and transgressions by the occupiers.”

The group also appealed to Islamic and global communities, urging “all free individuals worldwide” to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians and resistance movements.

On the same day, Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip executed an unparalleled incursion into southern Israel. They launched thousands of rockets, marking the initiation of a new campaign by the ruling Hamas faction.

Hezbollah claimed that the militants operated with “divine support.”

In retaliation, Israel commenced airstrikes in Gaza, potentially signaling the onset of intensified hostilities between the two longstanding adversaries.

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