National Geographic Photographer Features Raouche From A Different Perspective


On an Instagram account belonging to the widely-loved National Geographic Society, NatGeoTravel, an Italian photographer recently gave millions of followers a new perspective of Beirut’s iconic Raouche.

The account is an ongoing collection of images from photographers around the world. Italian photographer Francesco Lastrucci, a NatGeoTravel contributor, wrote of the Raouche picture that was shared this week:

“Weekend scenes along the Corniche of Beirut: fishermen, friends, a couple, and families wait for the sun to set over the Mediterranean. A beautiful gathering place for locals and visitors alike to stroll, work out, eat, or simply chat, the long walk along the waterfront unites people from all ages and backgrounds.”

“I had the opportunity to visit this fascinating and vibrant city several times, and I couldn’t help but spend my free time on the Corniche to relax and watch people. As Beirut and Lebanon are still recovering from a very difficult year, when once again many had to start from scratch, I like to think that there is always a place to enjoy and love the simple things in life.”

Normally, the Raouche rocks are seen from the city street’s perspective. However, this time, Lastrucci sees the rocks in a sight reserved for the eyes of fishermen and boaters as the soft setting sun glimmers against the limestone during the final hours of the day.

As Lastrucci journeys around the globe capturing magnificent cultural diversity, he sometimes proves we are not that different at all.

His photographs from the shores of southwestern Italy and on the Aegean bear striking resemblances to the beaches at Kfaraabida, Amchit, and Beirut with rocky shores and limestone fragments left from geologic movement.

Funnily, in one picture, he captured a peculiar scene: a camel -an obvious tourist attraction- on the beach across the Raouche near the wave breaker blocks.

A camel on the beach is an unusual sight in Lebanon, yet there it is forever engraved in the memory of the World Wide Web.

Born in Florence, Italy, in 1977, Francesco Lastrucci has been traveling the world, capturing fascinating photos that have been exhibited across the world, namely in the USA, UK, Italy, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Mexico, Singapore, and Colombia.

His photos have been appearing in all the major magazines you can think of, including National Geographic, The Smithsonian, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Vanity Fair, to name a few.

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