Lebanese National Federation Of Worker Unions Just Announced Civil Disobedience

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Castro Abdallah, the head of the National Federation of Worker and Employee Trade Unions in Lebanon, announced his support for a nationwide civil disobedience campaign. This comes after several Lebanese economic sectors announced their strikes.

Last week, all public administration employees went on an open-ended strike, which has remained valid as of Monday, June 20th.

Today, they announced that their strike is ongoing until their demands are met by state officials.

The Lebanese Farmers’ Association followed suit and announced that they will protest in front of the Ministry of Agriculture as well as other agricultural centers starting next week.

Sawt Beirut International

In a statement, Abdullah said that he fully supports all public sector employees and workers. He added that the only way to achieve change is through sit-ins and the only way to overthrow this political class is through civil disobedience.

As more and more unions announce their refusal to the ongoing harsh economic conditions in Lebanon, the country may be fully crippled, putting extreme pressure on the ruling class and its political parties.

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