5 Nature Reserves In Lebanon Where You Can Go On An Adventure This Summer!

The good thing about summer is that you have a lot of time on your hands. If you can’t travel, why not go on an adventure in Lebanon?

Even though Lebanon is small, there are lots of places you have not discovered yet.

A great activity would be hiking and appreciating the beauty of Lebanon at the same time; that’s why visiting reserves is a must this summer. Lebanon is rich in floras and faunas.

Here 5 nature reserves in Lebanon that are perfect for hiking and sightseeing!

#1 Al Shouf Biosphere Reserve

This reserve is the largest one in Lebanon. It goes from Dahr Al Baidar in the north to Niha Mountain in the south. It encloses 3 Cedar forests which constitute 25% of the remaining cedars in Lebanon.

You can hike and mountain bike there. If you do not like activities that require a lot of energy from you, bird watching is a great alternative. In fact, this reserve is home to 200 birds that include ones that are rare.

#2 Horsh Ehden Reserve

The reserve in Ehden contains cedars and encloses 1,058 plant species which 40% of them are native plant species in Lebanon.

This place is also rich with trees: there are 39 species of native trees that have been identified. You can enjoy many activities there including photography!

#3 Tannourine Cedar Forests Reserve

The reserve in Tannourine protects one of the largest cedar forests in Lebanon. You can hike and bird-watch there. Also, one may enjoy the richness of this reserve which comprises birds, insects, mushrooms, and flowers.

There are many trails you can choose from to hike. Each trail uncovers the beauty of Lebanon and its rich culture in different ways.

#4 Wadi Al Hujair National Reserve

If you are a tree enthusiast, then this reserve is the perfect gateway for you. Wadi Al Hujair National Reserve is covered in oak and valonia forests.

#5 Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve

JMBR is an all-in-one reserve that comprises nature, adventures, and history. Those who want to hike can choose from 10 different trails. Also, it is possible to hike nearly a full loop around the reserve.

Protecting biodiversity is the main goal of JMBR. One may find there 750 species of flowers and trees and 137 species of birds.

The reserve is also rich in historical and cultural sites such as Roman stairs, an abandoned Ottoman settlement, an olive press, a Byzantine Church, and many more interesting sites.

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