Nemr Abou Nassar’s new show is available in the USA and Canada!

Nemr Abou Nassar is a famous Lebanese-American comedian who reshaped the stand-up comedy scene in the Middle East. He is successful in the MENA region as well as in other parts of the world! In fact, he got featured on the cover of

Rolling Stone magazine

(Middle East edition) in May 2014.

No Bombing in !

This time, Nemr is back with a new show which is called “No Bombing in .” The one-hour comedy special has been filmed in and Los Angeles. “No Bombing in ” will showcase for the first time a one-hour footage of Lebanese and Americans watching the same show and laughing at the same jokes. The film will cut between and Los Angeles, and the audience won’t know the difference. Laughter will bring these two cultures, who never thought they could get along, closer than they have ever been. The film will show as it truly is: breathtaking and full of good vibes, unlike the media that portray it as a war-zone.

 Tell everyone, there is No Bombing in .

Nemr came up with this idea because he couldn’t stand the way in which the Lebanese people are portrayed. So, “No Bombing in ” is about showing what and the Lebanese really stand for.

This is me standing up to show the world who we are, and what we stand for. From this moment on, we begin to fight back, to reclaim our identity, to define who we are in our words, on our terms.

The show is available in the USA on Showtime Networks​, and in on CraveTV​ and The Movie Network! It will be soon available in the Middle East and Europe!

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