Nescafe Will Stay In Lebanon After all


It looks like Nescafe lovers dodged a bullet after all, as the Nestle company issued a statement recently affirming its commitment to the Lebanese market.

Only a couple of days ago, local media sources announced that Nestle will stop distributing Nescafe, whether it was in a form of a jar or sticks, as the Nescafé bag recently reached 30,000 LL, equivalent to 1,000 LL for only one stick.

The company justified the increase in prices by announcing a statement that they aren’t able to secure dollars from the bank, due to the deteriorating Lebanese pound.

However, Nehmat Younes, the general manager of Nestle in Lebanon assured the coffee lovers that Nescafe will remain in Lebanon.

Younes noted that Nestle was established in the Middle East in 1934, and ever since then it has distributed products for more than 600 local stores and supermarkets in Lebanon.

“Some Nestle products faced a temporary shortage in Lebanon due to consumers stacking up on the products before a quarantine period,” Younes said clarifying why some Nescafe lovers weren’t able to find the product in local stores and supermarkets in the past few days.

“We also had issues with the delayed delivery time due to re-routing shipments after the Beirut Port explosion,” Younes added.

Nevertheless, it’s time for coffee lovers to take a wide sigh of relief, as the popular and widely loved Nescafe coffee isn’t going anywhere.

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