Nescafé Will No Longer Be Sold In Lebanon


It’s a sad day for all Nescafé lovers in Lebanon as the insane increase in the price of Nescafé coffee forced the international Nestle company to stop selling and distributing the product all over Lebanon for 3 months.

Whether it was in a form of sticks or a jar, Lebanese people consider Nescafé coffee a staple item in every household. However, it’s time to say goodbye as the price of a Nescafé bag recently reached 30,000 LL, equivalent to 1,000 LL for only one stick.

Back in April of this year, Nestle announced that it will begin charging 4,000 LL per the dollar.

The company justified the increase in prices by announcing a statement that they aren’t able to secure dollars from the bank.

Fast forward to the start of December, Nescafé lovers noted something unusual going on, as Nescafé bags, sticks, and even jars of “coffee matte” have disappeared from shelves of local stores and supermarkets in Lebanon.

This news prompted Lebanese residents to rush in to stores and supermarkets to buy bulks of Nescafé bags, ensuring their taste buds won’t fall short in the upcoming 3 month from the delicious trusty morning sidekick.

However, as Nestle will officially stop distributing Nescafé, other Nestle products will remain in the Lebanese market.

Editor’s note: Since the publication of this article, the Nestle company issued a statement affirming its commitment to the Lebanese market. Nehmat Younes, the general manager of Nestle in Lebanon, assured the coffee lovers that Nescafé will remain in Lebanon.

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