Netflix’s ‘Fauda’ Just Became The Most Watched Show In Lebanon

Fauda is a popular Israeli television series that premiered on the streaming platform Netflix back in February 2015 and has been gaining popularity ever since.

It became the most-watched show on Netflix in Lebanon less than a week after premiering its new season.

The fourth season premiered on Netflix on January 20 and takes place largely in Lebanon where they’ve touched on Hezbollah, Syrian and Palestinian refugees, Nabatiyeh, and much of the Lebanese security forces.

Co-creator Avi Issacharoff claims that the plot of the latest season was based on a true story.

“I just spoke with someone from Lebanon — he had disagreements about details in the script,” he said claimed to a radio station.

Lebanon is still technically in a state of war with Israel, though no direct war has taken place in a decade. Despite this, Lebanon and Israel took part in a long negotiation before agreeing to the maritime border between the two.

The show follows an elite IDF special forces unit, known as the “Mista’arvim,” as they take down a Palestinian militant group in the West Bank.

But “Fauda” isn’t just about non-stop action – it also delves into the complexities and nuances of the conflict.

Critics have praised the series for its authentic and realistic portrayal of the conflict, as well as for the strong performances of its cast. Fauda is also commended for its well-written characters, who are able to capture the intricate details of the story.

But the journey to create the fourth season wasn’t without its challenges. The crew was set to film in Ukraine when Russia invaded, forcing them to switch to Hungary.

Despite this, Fauda continues to gain popularity in the region. The show’s co-creator even noted in 2020 that “part of it is the language,” as it has crossed over into the Arabic language, “bringing the story on both sides, not just from the Israeli side.”

The show’s success has even prompted Hamas to create their own version, “First of the Free.”

It also became the most streamed in the UAE, 2nd most in Qatar, 3rd most in Jordan, 6th most in Morocco, and 8th most in Saudi Arabia.