Netflix’s ‘The Recruit’ Shows CIA Agent Going To Lebanon, And They Actually Made Us Look Good

the recruit

Netflix recently released their latest show, “The Recruit,” which follows the story of Owen Hendricks, a CIA lawyer played by Noah Centineo.

In the series, Hendricks becomes caught up in international conflicts while trying to protect a connected asset.

In episode 3, Hendricks and his colleague Lester travel to Beirut, a city with a rich history and culture, for a mission. As they ride in a local taxi, Lester shares with Hendricks his love for Beirut and all that the city has to offer.

According to Lester, Beirut is the perfect place for skiing in the morning and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea during lunch, with the added bonus of experiencing the delicious and historic Lebanese food.

Lester also highlights the city’s vibrant nightlife, noting that people from all over the world flock to Beirut to experience its party scene. He quotes the phrase, “nobody does live and let live like the Lebanese,” which speaks to the resilience and generosity of the Lebanese people despite facing corruption and dysfunction on a daily basis.

In fact, Lester comments that the average Lebanese person would give you the shirt off their back, while the leaders “they just steal all the shirts.”

The scene ends with the taxi driver, Lebanese actor Ahmad Mawas, expressing frustration with Lebanon’s hectic driving style, a common theme among locals and tourists alike.

The Netflix series has 2 Lebanese writers on the team, George Ghanem and Hadi Nicholas Deeb.

Overall, “The Recruit” provides a glimpse into the exciting and complex world of international espionage, as well as a portrayal of the unique culture and beauty of Beirut.

Lebanon is often negatively portrayed in the media, we often find ourselves calling for people to boycott content, as was the case with “Beirut” the movie a few years back for falsely portraying Lebanon.

But The Recruit made the effort not to sugarcoat Lebanon but to accurately portray it. This is all we ask for and thank the team for this.

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