New 10,000 LBP Banknote Is Now In Circulation

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The Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL) announced that a new banknote of 10,000 LBP will be in circulation as of 1/12/2021, signed by the BDL’s Governor Riad Salameh, and his first deputy Dr. Wasim Mansouri.

The 10,000 LBP banknote used to be equivalent to $6.66 when the dollar was exchanged at 1,500 LBP. It is now equivalent to $0.4

Specifications of the new banknote are the following:

  • The size and color of the new banknote is the same as the old note currently in circulation.
  • The visual safety features on the new banknote are the same, except for the safety thread, which was developed to become purple in color and contains geometric drawings that move when the paper is moved vertically.

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