The Gov’t Just Set Up New Barriers Around Martyrs’ Square

Outside of Martyr’s Square, new barriers had just been installed to accompany what many protesters referred to as The Wall of Shame.

The new wall is said to have been installed in preparation for the vote of confidence that is due to start on Tuesday, February 11.

The Lebanese army has issued a statement online about these measures, stating: “The Army has taken exceptional security measures in the vicinity of the Parliament and the roads around it.”

They cautioned the people to abide by their measures: “The Army calls on citizens to respond to these measures and to refrain from blocking roads … in order to preserve security and stability.”

Hundreds of people from all over Lebanon are expected to arrive in Beirut as of today to protest the vote set to take place in the parliament.

There have previously been 2 calls to create a human shield to prevent parliamentary sessions from taking place, and they have plans to stop this one as well.

Many protesters believe that the new government does not represent them and therefore they should stop it from being given the confidence.

“[Security forces] want to pen us in like sheep – it makes it easier to hit us,” a demonstrator in Martyrs’ Square, on Monday evening, said to The Daily Star. He also added that “tomorrow will be a big day.

Saad el-Hariri and Samy Gemayel have spoken out against the current government and have decided that their blocs, Future and Kataeb, will not give their vote of confidence to the current government.

However, while Samy Gemayel has chosen to boycott the session, Saad el-Hariri has decided that his bloc will attend the session and “deny the government trust since [the policy statement] has nothing to do with what the Lebanese people are asking for.”

“We [the Future Movement bloc] are participating in the session not only to show our pretty faces, but to say our word,” Hariri told reporters. He added, “We will form a constructive opposition, but we will later decide with who and how.”

When speaking about the Free Patriotic Movement, Hariri said, “What have they done? Give me one thing they have accomplished for the country and the economy.”

However, many protesters, over the course of the revolution, have expressed their distaste at Hariri and Gemayel’s attempts and other political party leaders to try and “ride the wave.”

Those words to them are nothing more than empty platitudes of whom they deem opportunistic politicians who are no longer in power. 

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