All you need to know about the biometric driver’s license and the new car plates

The President of the Car Registration Department Ayman Abdel Ghafour told in an interview on OTV all the things we need to know about the new license plates and the biometric driver’s license.

Abdel Ghafour mentioned that the new license plates cannot be faked since each plate has a unique barcode. Taking this step allowed Lebanon to finally meet international standards in this area. Also, the new biometric driver’s license can also not be faked meaning that people cannot buy fake licenses as they used to do in the past. The roads in Lebanon will be much safer since people will have to take a driver’s test. That’s not all. Abdel Ghafour announced that the Lebanese driver’s license could be used around the world thanks to the efforts of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Gebran Bassil. Lebanese drivers do not have to release international permits to be able to drive abroad which saves them a lot of money. Watch the interview



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