These Are The New Fines For Traffic Violations In Lebanon!

Update: ISF claims that several of these are not true so make sure to verify any you are not sure about.

We just reported yesterday about the new red-light cameras which

will automatically fine you

if you are crossing a red light or speeding. However, on top of the new system being implemented, there are new fines for traffic violations that went into already went effect in Lebanon. The new fines are outlined within 5 sections.

Fines For Traffic Violations In Lebanon:

Section 1:

Transporting workers in a pick-up:

150,000 LL

($100) Having illegal sirens:

150,000 LL

($100) Illegal parking:

100,000 LL

($67) Parking on a sidewalk:

150,000 LL


Section 2:

Driving with an expired license: 250,000 LL ($167)

Tinted windows (without license): 250,000 LL ($167)Going below the speed limit: 200,000 LL ($133)Going 20 KM above the speed limit: 200,000 LL ($133)Illegible license plates: 200,000 LL ($133)

Illegal U-Turn: 200,000 LL ($133)Transporting items on a motorcycle: 300,000 LL ($200)

Section 3:

Children (younger than 5 years old) not in a car seat:

450,000 LL

($300) Children (under 10 years old) in the front seat:

450,000 LL

($300) Not obeying a traffic cop’s orders:

450,000 LL

($300) Not wearing a seatbelt:

350,000 LL

($233) Wearing an unfastened helmet:

350,000 LL

($233) Not wearing a helmet:

400,000 LL

($267) Washing your car roadside:

350,000 LL

($233) Having illegal military sirens:

150,000 LL

($100) Having unpaid mechanic:

350,000 LL

($233) Driving and talking on the phone:

350,000 LL


Section 4:

Violating a traffic light:

700,000 LL

($467) Driving an unregistered vehicle:

700,000 LL

($467) Speeding (40 – 60 KM above limit):

700,000 LL

($467) Violating a one-way road:

700,000 LL

($467) Not having license plates:

600,000 LL


Section 5:

Driving without a license:

2,000,000 LL

($1333) Speeding (>60 KM above limit):

3,000,000 LL

($2000) Racing:

3,000,000 LL

($2000) Driving under the influence of alcohol:

3,000,000 LL

($2000) Driving under the influence of drugs:

3,000,000 LL

($2000) Driving erratically: 

3,000,000 LL

($2000) Acrobatics on motorbikes:

3,000,000 LL

($2000) Hopefully the money collected from the fines go to some sort of road and road safety improvement!

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