New food cluster to open in Beirut next week

Restos St. Nicolas is a new food cluster that will gather Lebanon’s most-renowned restaurants in a residential and business area in Achrafieh. The restaurants which will be featured are Roadster Diner, Café Gourmand, Ahwak, Don, and Bar Tartine. Restos St. Nicolas will open on November 24. The 2,000 square meters food hub is located on Charles Malek Avenue. The total built-up area is 6,800 square meters. The amazing part of this project, which costs around $6 million, is that Restos St. Nicolas will be built around a century-old authentic Lebanese house. The latter will be renovated for sure. The building has a ground floor and a rooftop which will feature a café. Since there is a shortage of parking sport in Achrafieh, four basement floors are dedicated to parking. In fact, Roadster Diner’s first branch will close and move to Restos St. Nicolas.