Fairouz’s Daughter Shares New Footage Of Her Mother In Celebration Of Her 88’s Birthday


Reema Rahbany, the daughter of Lebanese icon Fairouz, released new footage in honor of her mother’s 88th birthday, celebrated on November 21st.

Nouhad Haddad, known as Fairouz, is considered one of the best vocalists and most famous singers in the history of Lebanon and the Arab world. She’s a Lebanese musical icon, labeled as Lebanon’s “Ambassador to the Stars” and often described as “the soul of Lebanon.”

Filmed, edited, directed, and “gifted” by her daughter, the original videos were taken in Egypt in July 1989.

“What a beautiful morning with Fairouz. The serious love of your work makes you our honor everywhere in the world,” commented Assad Abillama on Twitter.

In a video, Fairouz is seen practicing and talking about a song’s lyrics and melody. Upon fixing and editing it, she suddenly starts singing with her majestic voice.

Having barely any public appearances in recent years, the footage comes as a great present for her worldwide fans who perceive her as an idol in the region’s music industry.

“When we tell people abroad that we come from Lebanon, Fairouz’s country of origin, honestly, this is the only thing that makes us proud and happy,” another fan expressed upon seeing the videos.

Back in September 2020, during French President Macron’s visit to Lebanon, he made it a point to visit Fairouz at her home in Rabieh, carrying a large bouquet of flowers. He presented her with the Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur (Legion of Honor), the highest French order of merit.