New Freedoms Center Just Launched in Beirut

Overall powerhouse Joumana Haddad is a Lebanese author, public speaker, journalist, and human rights’ activist.

She has been selected as one of the world’s 100 most powerful women in the region four years in a row by Arabian Business Magazine, for her cultural and social activism.

Haddad is the founder of Jasad, a quarterly Arabic-language magazine specializing in the arts and literature of the body (2009–2011).

She launched a new TV show in November 2018 on Alhurra, highlighting the topics of free expression and critical thinking.

She is the prolific author of fifteen books, and most recently the Founder of Beirut’s latest center for Freedoms: The Joumana Haddad Freedoms Center.

As its Instagram profile suggests, the JCFC is a “platform to promote Secularism, Equity, Inclusion, and Freedoms in youth.” It is based on Boutros Dagher street in Beirut. 

In an open letter posted to its social media outlets, Haddad depicts the rationale and purpose behind the establishment of this timely center:

“I’m very happy to announce the founding of Joumana Haddad Freedoms Center, a youth-focused, secular, and independent platform fighting for secularism, citizenship, equity, inclusion, and individual liberties. We need you!”

She goes on to elaborate: “As its name suggests, JHFC will operate as a national, societal, intellectual, and creative laboratory, intended to support and preserve different forms of freedoms and expand their spaces in the Lebanese public and private life, for the promotion of democracy, social justice, and human rights.”

Directed by herself, the Center has four main goals: Freedom from Sectarianism, Freedom from Sexism, Freedom from Homophobia, and Freedom from Repression. 

The Center’s logo is the result of a beautiful collaboration between Lebanese graphic designer George Deeb, and Russian graphic designer Evgeniy Goliaka.

There are forms on their pages for membership and sign up for more news and updates on this.

As Lebanon continues to go through a perceivably painful time, and a painful Holiday season, we wish this new initiative success in its mission, vision, and future endeavors.

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