Minister Of Public Health Introduces Free Healthcare Plan For Those In Need!

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, the Minister of Public Health in Lebanon Ghassan Hasbani recently introduced a new health care plan which will be free for those in need. The Lebanese government does not provide free health care for its citizens. So, people usually pay get insured by private insurance companies. However, there are thousands of people that cannot afford to pay medical bills, so they are not covered at all. For that reason, the new plan will be free for people who are financially struggling and old people. The minister believes that getting covered by the government is a fundamental right for every citizen. He mentions places like Europe who are so advanced that you can get covered by visiting sites like

from the comfort and safety of your home. This is especially good for people with disabilities. These are the things that the new health care plan will include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Medications
  • Prescriptions
  • Tests
  • Mental health

In fact,

mental health has been officially covered by Lebanese hospitals

and medical centers this year. Hasbani announced a few months ago that there are plans to create eight new centers for mental health. As well as teaching and introducing professionals at existing hospitals – with the hopes of sustaining good mental health in Lebanon. Also, this new plan will cost $450 million per year. Hasbani noted that Lebanon is the number one country in the Middle East in the health industry, and number 32 in the entire world.

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