A New Lebanese NFT Project Just Launched To Fight Hunger


More and more Lebanese are fully embracing the future by embarking on NFT ventures, proving a mentality oriented toward progress and evolution.

Within a few months, we heard of several Lebanese carrying their skills into the Metaverse, from art to fashion and more. Little was expected that Food will also find a place in that new booming world.

And yet, it has.

After 7 months of intensive and exciting work, a group of Lebanese food bloggers, namely “Beirut Food”, and local artists have just launched the very first Lebanese Food NFT, called Cravy Chunk, aiming to support the fight against hunger in Lebanon.

Communicating with 961, the team behind the project shared that they also hope to eventually expand “worldwide through international collaborations.”

The Founder of Beirut Food told 961 that they aim to donate part of the proceeds to trusted local and international organizations.

They will also go directly to people and many other Instagram accounts “who are doing good in Lebanon” like The World Sucks, which might also be working with them.

Talented artist Tatiana Khalil (Tativerse), architect Christian Mardo (Mardoverse), and Ramboverse participated in the creation of the project, along with the web developer Kobe Keyrouz. 

Aiming to fight hunger one NFT at a time by selling 2.222 Collectible Chunks, the initiative will also partner with many restaurant chains, talented artists, and NFT fans.

“The NFT project paves the way to incorporate Lebanon into the advancing digital world, altogether while spreading food art and love,” Cravy Chunk stated.

As explained on the Cravy Chunk‘s website, “Each Cravy Chunk, being, at first sight, a well-known figure, will highlight and put forward the extent of the gap between hunger in the world on the one hand, and the efforts made to eradicate this scourge on the other.”