New Medical Achievement In Bulgaria By a Lebanese Surgeon

Lebanese in foreign countries never fail to amaze us by their great success and accomplishments that are indeed considered pride to their motherland and a medal placed on the chest of this country.


Via Elnashra

The Lebanese doctor and professor Khouder Faqih, son of our southern town of Al-Rayhan, achieved a first-time scientific and medical breakthrough in the field of surgery in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital.  He succeeded in restoring a section of the skull of a 20-year-old girl who was injured in a major accident that shattered part of her skull.



In this medical accomplishment, Doctor Faqih used a three-dimensional surgical technique. The process required actual preparation and in-depth study to re-mold a skull similar to the human skull made up of carefully designed and precise metal grids.

Via Annahar

The surgery was performed by a medical team of seven doctors, including a former Bulgarian health minister who is also a doctor.


This is not the first time that doctor Faqih achieves great success in the field of surgery in Bulgaria, earning several times the congratulations and appreciation of the President of the country and the higher authorities.

Doctor Faqih is a member of Bulgaria’s Highest Academic Council and the first non-Ukrainian doctor to be voted by 17 doctors and scientists from the Academic Scientific Council of the Faculty of Medicine to join their council.

The series of achievements of this genius Lebanese doctor has made him the most famous in his field in Eastern Europe.


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