Newly-Elected Lebanese MP Faces Criticism After Being Carried On People’s Shoulders (Video)


The newly-elected MP, Mark Daou, was heavily criticized after a video circulated showing him being carried on men’s shoulders amid firecrackers.

The event happened on Sunday in his hometown Zaraaoun where the locals celebrated him and his victory in the elections.

The more or less violent reactions towards the MP mostly reflected criticism towards the behavior of political figures and their followers treating them as being “higher” than “normal.”

In response, Zaraaoun Municipality issued a statement on Facebook saying that the locals celebrated Daou for the hope that he has awakened in them and “not to make him a leader.”

Adding that the town had participated in the October 17 protests, and that people should give Mark Daou credit for his undertakings.

The Municipality also stated that not a single shot was fired, as the sounds heard in the video are the sounds of firecrackers.

The MP issued an apology for the reactions the video provoked among people.

It is worth mentioning that carrying a person on the shoulder in celebration is a tradition in the Lebanese culture, which doesn’t necessarily involve politicians and leaders.

It is commonly seen at weddings with the groom and sometimes the bride, and most prominently in villages where traditions are maintained. It is usually accompanied by folkloric drums and dances around the celebrated person.

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Newly-Elected Lebanese MP Faces Criticism After Being Carried On People's Shoulders (Video)

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