Everything You Need To Know About New Rules For Traveling To Lebanon Aboard MEA


In efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 after the situation in Lebanon became uncontrollable, the country has decided to reduce the number of people allowed to enter from the Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport.

Lebanon will limit the number of passengers arriving this month to 20% of the number of arrivals of January 2020.

These passengers arriving in Lebanon as a final destination through Middle East Airlines must abide by the new set of rules which will take effect as of January 11th, 2021:

Show valid proof of a negative PCR test

Passengers must show the negative PCR test results at the MEA check-in counters. The test result should not be older than 96 hours before the date of arriving in Lebanon.

Without a negative PCR test result on hand, passengers will not be allowed to board MEA flights.

Complete the Health Ministry’s medical form

That’s available through this link https://arcg.is/0GaDnG 

Undergo PCR test upon arrival

All passengers arriving at Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport will be obliged to undergo a PCR test.

Have prepaid hotel booking

Arriving passengers must have prepaid hotel booking for 48 hours in any of the hotels designated by Lebanon’s Tourism Ministry, listed by MEA here. These hotels will have discounted rates. Hotel buses will be available to transport passengers to their selected hotels.


At the hotels, passengers will have to quarantine for 48 hours or until their test results are out. If or when the results come out negative, passengers must regardless continue quarantine at their own homes for another 5 days. A week from arriving, they must perform another PCR test at their own expense.

NOTE: Passengers whose results come back positive must follow the instructions of the Ministry of Public Health.


1 – Diplomats and their families, officials, official delegations, officers, and members of the UNIFIL are exempted from the hotel quarantine, according to MEA’s press release.

2 – Any passenger who has received the COVID-19 vaccine and carried proof certifying it will be exempted from the hotel quarantine but must still undergo a PCR test upon arrival.

3 – Any passenger who left and came back to Lebanon within one week will not be required to do a PCR test before coming back to Lebanon but will have to perform a  PCR test at the airport upon arriving and must self-quarantine at home for one week from their date of arrival.

4 – Cabin crew members that arrive in Lebanon for no longer than 48 hours are exempted from the PCR test but will remained quarantined in one of the designated hotels throughout their stay in Lebanon. 

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