10 Bands & Musicians Redefining The Tunes Of The Lebanese Music Scene

Sandmoon - Empty (Official) | @kimaeraofficial

Lebanese music is becoming more and more loved worldwide with a new generation of artists emerging in-tune with globalization, and proving that Lebanon is not only a nation of traditional art and culture but also a country where art and creativity are in constant evolution.

These Lebanese bands and musicians are living vibrant proofs of that, each with their unique style, yet all redefining the tunes of the Lebanese music scene and beyond.

#1 Sandmoon

Sandmoon is an indie pop/folk band from Beirut. Their latest album is “Put a Gun/Commotion” released on 29th May 2020. This song called “Empty” is the third single off the album.

#2 Flugen

Maya Aghniadis is a Lebanese artist; with her project Flugen, she creates her own blend of ethnic beats and soulful melodies. Her latest album is called “Poupayee” and was released on June 12th.

She collaborated with another Soul band from Beirut, “Frida”, to create the song “Shouf” almost months ago.

#3 Alan Abi

Alan Abi Sleiman is the Lebanese singer/songwriter behind Lovaman, a single that became a big hit and is now streaming worldwide.

#4 Wanderland

Wanderland is an Indie Folk/Rock duo exploring themes of love and loss in the city of Beirut. Lonely is one of the mindblowing songs from their debut album “Time Knows Better.”

#5 Chyno with a Why

Chyno with a Why is a Syripino Rapper/Producer Based in Beirut. His latest song Last Night was released a few months ago and he has an album called Mamluk coming soon.

#6 Sima Itayim

Beirut-based singer/songwriter Sima Itayim released Dressing Up For Nobody in 2019. Although born in Cyprus, Sima is a talented artist who is bringing a new style of music to Lebanon.

#7 Gurumiran

GURUMIRAN, a.k.a. Miran Gurunian, is an audio engineer, music technologist, guitarist, lyricist, producer, and songwriter based in Beirut.

His song Miranda (You Have the Right to Remain Silent) was released less than a year ago.

#8 Mashrou’ Leila

Of course, we can’t talk about Lebanese bands without mentioning Mashrou’ Leila. CAVALRY, the first single from the forthcoming album ‘THE BEIRUT SCHOOL, was released 1 year ago.

#9 Kimaera

Kimaera is a “Lebanese Death/Doom Metal” band. Force Divine is the second single from the band’s 4th studio album. They also have another single on the way.

#10 Postcards

Postcards is a dream pop/shoegaze from Beirut. Dead End is a song off their newest album The Good Soldier. There will be a Livestream of the album on Wednesday, October 14th.

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