New Street Named After Influential Lebanese Cartoonist

On the second anniversary of the passing of the outstanding Lebanese cartoonist Stavro Jabra, a street was just named after him in the Sassine District of Ashrafieh. That came along with an exhibition celebrating his work at the Villa Linda Sursock in Sassine.


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The official opening of the street was conducted by the Governor of Beirut, Judge Ziad Shabib, in the presence of the Jabra family members and several political, social, and media personalities. 

Via Nabil Ismail


The ceremony initiated with the national anthem, after which Pamela Jabra, daughter of Stavro, addressed the attendees. She thanked President Michel Aoun, Governor Shabib, and Beirut Municipal Council for their positive response to the endeavors of the family to name a Beirut street after Stavro. 

“The photographs and drawings of Stavro are a witness for future generations of the beautiful and ugly history of Beirut.” With that remarkable statement, Pamela summarized the legacy of her father.

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TV host and journalist Tony Baroud had his word to convey. He presented his relationship with Stavro and the family and spoke of his merits as a loving painter and photographer.

Former Interior Minister Ziad Baroud shared with the attendees that Stavro used to speak through his drawing better than everyone. He stated, “The exhibition shows the living Stavro with whom we are still breathing freedom.” He then concluded with a truth known to all, “His ideas leave an impact.”

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From his side, Judge Shabib spoke about the creativity of Stavro and his love for Beirut. “Creative Stavro Jabra left a mark in modern history through his many, varied, and profound work.”

He went on adding, “The love of Beirut is a common point between us and Stavro Jabra. He gave a lot to Beirut whether in the field of photography or caricature all the love it deserves, and he expressed that by adhering to it [Beirut] in the most difficult circumstances.”

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Judge Shabib thanked the municipal council for taking the initiative and decision to designate the street with the name of Stavro Jabra.

“Beirut loved Stavro Jabra, and he loved it in return,” he asserted. “This designation is a type of exchange of the love that he gave to Beirut, telling him today that Beirut is attached to him, and that his memory will be immortal in its streets and in every place he used to cross or photograph.”

Stavro Jabra was one of a kind Lebanese cartoonist, illustrator, and photographer. He skillfully reflected through his work many important events in Lebanon, the Middle East, and the World.


Via Stavro Jabra

For 40 years, his creative cartoons were published in international newspapers such as Le Monde, New York Times, and Daily Star, to name a few. 

Stavro Jabra passed away at the age of 70 on the 12th of March of 2017 after battling a chronic illness.


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