10+ New Year’s resolutions every Lebanese should make for 2018

There are few weeks left for New Year’s Eve! December 31 is when people make resolutions that they will break the next day. This year, let’s take our resolutions a little bit seriously to improve our lives. We put up a list of more than 10 resolutions that every Lebanese person should make for 2018. Let’s hope that we’ll not break them!

Deal with the fact that your teta’s delicious food is going to ruin your diet

  Lebanon is the land of food, and your


is the best chef in the world; even Gordon Ramsay cannot find a flaw in her cooking. If you’re planning on losing weight or eating healthier, forget about it as long as you’re in Lebanon: your teta’s food and knefes are definitely going to ruin your plan unless you’re super dedicated!

Use your gym membership

  Either go to the gym or stop wasting money.

Use fewer abbreviations

  We get it; abbreviations make your life easier! But some Lebanese abbreviations are getting ridiculous: “Marm” for Mar Mikhael? Seriously?

Stop running on Lebanese time

  In other countries, five minutes mean five minutes. In Lebanon, five minutes can mean 30 minutes or two hours. Let’s just agree on one thing to make our lives less chaotic. It’s hard, but all you need is practice!

Stop comparing your life to Lebanese series


Lebanese series

kill your confidence. Watching people in their early twenties with their lives figured out freaks you out. They have a career, a fancy car, and a huge apartment while you do not have a clue about what you’re having for dinner. There is no need to panic; these shows are unrealistic.

Do not freak out when it rains

  Have you ever noticed that a drop of rain creates chaos on the roads and people suddenly forget how to drive? We need to chill.

On a serious note

Respect traffic laws

  Yes, the roads are not safe. However, that does not mean that you should not respect traffic laws. Stop at red lights, avoid driving if you feel sleepy or drunk, and respect the speed limit. Making these small steps can save many lives.

Discover Lebanon

https://www.instagram.com/p/BZBXeDOlRGS/ Lebanon hides many gems that you must see! From amazing beaches in the south to majestic snow-capped mountains in the north, Lebanon is where you will discover a wonder every day. Do not hesitate to

swim in lakes

, do

winter activities

, and visit the

nature reserves


Think before casting your vote

  The next parliamentary election will take place in 2018. Lebanese nationals living abroad will be able to exercise their right to vote for the first time. Lebanon has many issues that need to be solved, like the garbage crisis for example. Your role as a citizen is to cast your vote for the person who is capable of solving these issues. Think well before voting; you still have a few months left!

Do not use your wasta

  Using your wasta promotes corruption! Let’s put Lebanon on the right track!


  The easiest way to solve the garbage crisis and to prevent another one in the future is by recycling. It’s not that hard, and it promotes a cleaner environment.

Do not waste food

  According to FoodBlessed, a non-profit organization, 30% of the Lebanese population lives in poverty. More than half of these people live under the poverty line ($4/day), while the rest lives below the lower poverty line ($2.4/day). In fact, 30% of edible

food in Lebanon is wasted

. With the help of volunteers, the organization collects unwanted food from supermarkets, farms, restaurants, caterers, etc. and offer them to people in need three times a week. You can either cook your meals as much as it is needed or donate your leftovers for those in need.

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