New Zealand Is Holding a Protest in Solidarity for Lebanon!

Yes, it is New Zealand now that joins in to support Lebanon in its resurrection from years of oppressing hardships! If there is one thing this manifestation of our diaspora worldwide tells us is certainly that we are everywhere, and so are our Friends of Lebanon. We are because we have been contributing to the world significantly for decades while we ache to do so in our wounded Lebanon. And we haven’t been allowed. 


From our Live Stories’ coverage of various protests overseas via our Instagram, there seems to be a deep common pain with our Lebanese who emigrated. They ache to return home. It isn’t that they don’t come to love their new countries or appreciate their better living conditions. But home is home, and so many parents and families have been left behind, unwillingly.

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So much pain when you think of the hearts of mothers and fathers who had to let go of their children and live missing them daily. So much pain as well when you think of these children of Lebanon struggling through their first years in the hosting countries, trying to adapt and navigate their ways through, cut off from their parents and siblings, and their own hearts worrying for their beloved back home living in hardships. 


Don’t get them wrong. We are a nation that has always sought the world since our forefathers the Phoenicians. We’ve been populating countries since the onset of our times. But there is something the Phoenicians had that we, their descendants, don’t; something priceless, a sound homeland to welcome us back.

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With all the tolerance our people in Lebanon have demonstrated, waiting, hoping, sighing, swallowing their frustrations, and weeping, all while making it a sacred stance to make the best out of what they have, there is as much as a nation can endure. I don’t think there is a coming back from what’s unfurling. We’ve seen it before in our own land; what the will of a united nation can do.


It is a turning point in our history and those who are not getting it yet have to face it sooner or later. We just all hope and pray that the government body enacts enough maturity and high consciousness to solve this crisis the soonest and spare the nation more undue hardships. 

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As the world and our diaspora have their eyes, ears, and hearts on our Lebanon, it is no wonder that the determination of our people in the homeland has been a powerful inspiration for so many around the world, Lebanese and non-Lebanese alike. 


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Hence, on Oct 21st, the city of Auckland in New Zealand will witness another peaceful manifestation from our people that that beautiful country has welcomed and nationalized through the years. The event will take place in Quay Street at 6 PM local time.

To Auckland from the homeland of your fathers and ancestors, thank you for standing by, and for, Lebanon.


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