Newborn Baby Found Alive In Garbage Bag In Lebanon

Bryan Denton | New York Times

A newborn baby was found alive in a trash bag on the street in Lebanon.

In the region of Dora/Bourj Hammoud in Beirut, passersby noticed under the bridge an unclothed infant placed in a black garbage bag next to a pile of trash. People gathered, covering the baby, and providing help.

This adds to the list of tragic but preventable events that are currently unfolding in Lebanon such as the recent drastic fuel shortages in hospitals.

Amidst the current heap of horrifying daily occurrences in Lebanon, the sole decision that seems to be made by Lebanese decision-makers in positions of power is that of indecision, and the sole action that is taken from those in power in Lebanon seems to be that of inaction.

The country is crumbling, and the sole policy Lebanese policymakers seem to be making is that of purchasing time to postpone what can no longer be postponed anymore.

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Newborn Baby Found Alive In Garbage Bag In Lebanon

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