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10 Celebrities Stunning in George Chakra's Designs

George Chakra is among the very top Lebanese fashion designers!

Get ready, fashion month is amongst us! And fashion month isn’t one without our Lebanese designers leaving their marks of elegance and creativity on the famous runways. For us, it’s like peanut butter without jelly; it's good but not delicious. So, yes, we can't wait to see what they are about to present, and Georges Chakra is among our top designers which new designs we are looking forward to. He has been dazzling the fashion scene internationally for a while now, and here are some of the international and local celebrities who wore his haute couture. 

#1 Gabrielle Union (Actress)

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Gabrielle made a stunning appearance in this George Chakra's one-shoulder sequined jumpsuit.

#2 Carmella Rose (Fashion Model)

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Romantic and feminine, in color and style, with a flowing skirt and a shaping top, this gown made Carmella look like a Celtic noble of a past era.  

#3 Victoria Justice (Actress)

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Surely daring, that two-piece set had all eyes on Victoria at the L.A event.

#4 Priyanka Chopra (Actress)

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Nothing to do with her FBI role in the Canadian Quantico series, for sure. Quite the opposite. Pryanka looks like a seductive goddess in this tiny shaping dress with a cape of feathers.

#5 Tiffany Haddish (Actress)

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The always hilarious Tiffany takes a formal look here in a classic two-piece suit of radiant silvery brocade. 

#6 Carole Samaha (Singer)

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Lebanon's very own shined singer couldn't have looked more seductive than that in this silver sequined overall with a golden belt.

#7 Jennifer Lopez (Actress, Singer)

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The queen looked amazing in her photoshoot wearing Georges Chakra.

#8 Najwa Karam (Singer)

Via Rinnoo.net

Lebanon's famous singer, elegant in a subtle way this time in this champagne dress especially designed by Chakra for her fragrance ad.

#9 Elsa Fisher (Actress)

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Elsa appeared on E! Entertainment wearing this one-shoulder black and gold piece by George Chakra

#10 Princess Camilla of Bourbon

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Royalty dazzled in this beautifully elegant and queenly gown by Georges Chakra.

Georges Chakra is another Lebanese designer who elevates Lebanon’s fashion name around the world, proving the Lebanese creativity on every runway he’s on and on every celebrity he dresses.

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