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Did You Know That Michel Hayek Predicted the Wuhan Coronavirus?

The "Deal of the Century" and the recent NBA tragedy were also among his predictions for 2020.

January 2020 has been internationally perceived as a disastrous month and a terrible start for the new year. From a World War near-miss to a dangerous viral epidemic and earthquakes, luck does not seem to be on the world's side at the moment. Among the headlines that occupied regional media concerning these subsequent events, Michel Hayek's eerie foretelling of them around a month before they happened stood out.

In the international section of his 2020 forecast, which he customarily shared with the public on the last day of last year, Hayek predicted "advanced steps in what is called the 'Deal of the Age' despite the rejection wave."

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Indeed, the rejection wave against the Trump-proposed Israel-Palestine peace deal has not subsided since he stood alongside Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House on January 28, where he made his anticipated revelation.

The plan, which sparked outrage in many Middle Eastern countries, including Lebanon, on both diplomatic and popular levels, was deemed undebatable by its many opposers for its obvious neglect and disregard towards the Palestinian side of the deal.

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Another major global event that he had a prevision of is the recent outbreak of the lethal Wuhan coronavirus. "The spread of a virus reminds us of the time of swine flu, mad cow disease, and others," Hayek had said during his December 2019 TV appearance.

Day by day, the coronavirus is spreading across the globe, causing more death amidst combined international efforts to create a cure to battle it. The World Health Organization (WHO) had recently labeled the Wuhan coronavirus a "global health emergency."

Interestingly enough, that's not all...

On January 26, 2020, American NBA legend Kobe Bryant tragically met his demise in a helicopter crash that took the lives of all its 9 passengers, including Bryant's daughter Gianna.

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The professional basketball player's shocking death, as predicted by the Millenium Lebanese Nostradamus, who had said in December that "a famous basketball player causes a crisis," shook the NBA and every fan, friend, and family member of Kobe Bryant.

As has been demonstrated, and had been demonstrated earlier, several pieces of Michel Hayek's predictions for this year had already materialized before its first month came to its end.

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Now, because of this fact, Lebanese social media users are jokingly asking Hayek to make an exceptional appearance soon, to supply more predictions for 2020 and compensate for the ones that were consumed in January.

Most of Michel Hayek's predictions for Lebanon, the Middle East, and the world in 2020 were very concerning. With 11 months to go, how many more of his intriguing previsions will ring true?


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