New Initiative Aims To Help Abandoned Dogs In Lebanon Through NFTs

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Lebanon has found its place in the NFT world, faster than expected, considering the struggles for survival against the multiple crises in the country. Remarkably yet not surprising, it is the people and their eagerness for progress that is making it happen.

Fashion, arts, tech, and even food, and now it is about helping local organizations in their relentless yet challenging mission to rescue pets.

MetaDogTagz is the new Lebanese NFT initiative, created as a dog charity NFT after the team behind it was traumatized by a scene of dog abuse they had witnessed a year ago.

Communicating with 961, the team shared how they then decided to develop into the digital world, as the images of the dog being abused did not leave their thoughts.

They are now on a mission to help fund local charities such as Animals Lebanon to save and take care of abandoned dogs.

But their goal goes farther than that.

MetaDogTagz wants to create a lasting impact by spreading awareness against animal abuse in Lebanon and starting vaccination campaigns for abandoned dogs.

Dog owners will be also provided with dog tags in the metaverse.

The founder Assaad Makary, who goes by the name Ace, shared with 961 that their plan also includes the creation of a dog rescue shelter and the deployment of a mobile animal hospital van.

How does it work?

The MetaDogTagz are 8888 dog tags on the Ethereum ERC 721 network. Each tag can be worn in the metaverse by pet avatars. In addition to having a dog tag, those who buy NFTs will be sponsoring a dog’s vaccination.

For the team to reach its goal, as explained on their website, the initiative is divided into three phases:

Phase 1:

  • Gathering NFT enthusiasts and dog lovers in one hub.
  • Releasing all the doggy tagz into the metaverse.

Phase 2:

  • Donations to dog rescue centers and charities.
  • Physical and digital campaigns to raise awareness against animal abuse and on the importance of dogs vaccination.

Phase 3:

  • Vaccination campaigns with live updates on the website.
  • Launch of MDT physical mobile clinic.
  • Creation of a dog shelter in a remote area.

Founded by Ace, the MetaDogTagz team includes the community manager Lynn and the digital illustrator Sleepy Cloud.

They have been working on their project for a year and, as Assaad told 961, they will be launching the NFTs sales this summer, giving an opportunity to animal lovers in Lebanon and abroad to partake in this endeavor.

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