6 NGOs In Lebanon You Can Rely On For Help


In Lebanese communities, mental health has often been overlooked. But in recent years, a wave of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have emerged, steadfast in their commitment to shatter this silence and inspire Lebanese citizens to reach out for help when needed.

Each of these NGOs has honed in on a cause close to their heart, dedicating their energy to support and raise awareness about it.

If you find a cause that resonates with you, or if you’re seeking help—be it social, legal, or psychological—don’t hesitate to connect with the relevant NGO. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help.


Imagine a world where mental health care is as basic a right as breathing air. That’s what Embrace is all about. This NGO is on a mission to make mental health care accessible, breaking down barriers and always being there when you need them.

Need someone to talk to? Their Lifeline is just a call away, staffed by trained, empathetic volunteers who are there for you 24/7. You can vent, express your fears, or just chat, all in complete confidentiality. And it’s not just a helpline—it’s a lifeline, working to combat suicide by proving that a simple conversation can save a life.

The Embrace Mental Health Centre (EMHC) doesn’t believe that financial constraints should be a roadblock on your path to healing. They offer free psychotherapy services to those in need. Plus, their team of experienced psychiatrists is always ready to provide comprehensive medical assistance. Remember, it’s okay to reach out. Embrace is there for you.

If the above resonates with your situation, here is Embrace’s contact information:


Imagine a world where every child is safe, and innocence is preserved. That’s exactly what Himaya is striving for, combating all forms of child abuse – be it physical, psychological, sexual, or neglect. They’re spreading awareness and prevention to a massive audience, helping facilitators spot cases of violence.

Himaya is in action on three key fronts: psychological, social, and legal. With offices spread all over Lebanon, they provide psychological services to kids in need. Plus, they’re training social workers and professionals, creating a network of reliable, empathetic support to rescue and protect these vulnerable souls. And when a child’s safety is at stake, their legal department steps in.

Join forces with Himaya, help save a child, and work towards a world where every child can thrive in a safe environment.

Reporting hotline: 03 414 964 | Email:  [email protected]


Ever dreamt of gender equality? ABAAD took it up a notch and made it their mission. They’re all in to end Gender-Based Violence and create a society free from toxic masculinity and violence against women.

Here’s what makes ABAAD stand out: they’re breaking down the taboo around male abuse. With dedicated offices in Furn-El-Chebbak, they’re providing solid support for men who’ve experienced abuse or are trying to break away from harmful behaviors.

The team delivers a range of direct services. One of them, Al Dar, is an emergency safe shelter that offers sanctuary for women at risk and victims of Gender-Based Violence. Here, they provide psychosocial support, crisis counseling, and legal advice.

At the core of ABAAD’s work is the Model Centre for Multidisciplinary Holistic Care to Combat Gender-Based Violence. This initiative is all about raising awareness and educating everyone – boys, girls, men, and women – about their rights and the specialized services available to them.

But that’s not all. To complete their holistic approach, ABAAD’s Mental Health team promotes non-violent behaviors and reinforces positive family interactions. By working on individual, couple, family, and community levels, they’re fostering a culture of respect and building a supportive environment for men.

If you ever encounter any kind of Gender-Based Violence please do not hesitate to contact ABAAD:

  • Safe Line: 81 788 178
  • Emergency Line: 76 060 602
  • Helpline: 71 283 820
  • Email: [email protected]


Arcenciel, a non-profit organization since 1985, is all about integrating marginalized and underserved communities into society. They’re champions for inclusion, fans of diversity, and advocates for all-round development.

They’ve rolled out five different programs targeting various societal aspects. From sustainable agriculture and the environment, mobility and health, social support and housing, to responsible tourism and culture, and youth and employment — Arcenciel has got you covered.

They’re all about preserving Lebanon’s natural resources and promoting social inclusion. They’re especially dedicated to supporting people with disabilities and those from vulnerable communities.

But Arcenciel’s vision doesn’t stop at preservation and inclusion. They’re builders of empowerment, promoters of education, and agents of change. They’re planting the seeds of knowledge, fostering self-belief, and creating job opportunities, all to drive young people towards a brighter future.

Join their journey, as they craft a world where everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can thrive and flourish by contacting them on:

Tel: 01 495 561 ext.5 | Email: [email protected]


Think of feminism as a non-profit organization, and you’ve got KAFA. Since 2005, they’ve been working to build a society free from social, economic, and legal patriarchal practices against women. Their mission is clear-cut and unshakeable: fight domestic violence, stamp out exploitation and trafficking of women, and ensure the protection of children.

KAFA’s influence touches many areas, sparking transformative change wherever it goes. They push for law reform, aiming to introduce new laws and policies while shaping public opinion. They’re also committed to stopping practices, concepts, and mindsets that reinforce patriarchy.

But KAFA doesn’t stop at advocacy. They lift up victims of violence, offering a lifeline filled with social, legal, and psychological support. Out of despair, they foster resilience, inspiring individuals to take back their lives and break free from violence.

KAFA’s mission doesn’t end there; they’re frontline soldiers in prevention, equipping society with knowledge to shatter ignorance. They raise awareness and train a diverse range of people to stand up against violence and any harmful behavior against women and children.

If you are facing any domestic violence, exploitation, or trafficking, please contact KAFA:

Helpline: 03 018 019 | Email: [email protected]


Toss out any myths you’ve heard – the truth is, drugs can wreak havoc, causing serious damage. That’s why Skoun, a non-profit, is here to help, offering prevention, treatment, and solid support to create a safe space for anyone in need.

Skoun provides free services that make a real difference, all aimed at creating a brighter future. Confidentiality and anonymity are at the heart of what they do, fostering an environment where you can seek help without fear or judgment.

The team at Skoun is there to help protect you, armed with the know-how to test for sexually transmitted infections and raise awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol use.

For anyone wrestling with substance use disorders, Skoun offers a safe place for healing. They provide customized psychological and psychiatric treatments, designed to meet your individual needs.

In this place, the darkness of addiction is replaced with a spark of hope, and the journey to recovery begins, guided by compassion.

If you ever feel trapped by any substance, please contact Skoun:

  • Treatment Program: 78 824 730
  • Legal Aid: 70 248 054
  • HIV & STI Testing: 76 153 700
  • Email: [email protected]

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