15 NGOs You Can Donate To This Christmas In Lebanon

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Christmas is the time for not only gift-giving but also to give back to the community. And that is by supporting the local NGOs that have been carrying the heavy burden left on their shoulders by the neglect of consecutive practically-absent governments.

Unlike NGOs in countries with consciously active governments, the Lebanese ones rely on themselves, their volunteers, and donations to help out those in need.

The aftermath of the Beirut Blast was all too relevant of the fact that it is these local NGOs, not the government, that carry the major burden of assisting the population.

The economic crisis that has kept deteriorating afterward has increased the demands for help on them while increasing their financial difficulties to carry on.

Now more than ever, local NGOs need the people to help them in their relentless efforts to help those in need.

It is up to the people to step up and stand together for the nation to survive this very difficult phase of Lebanon’s history.

Here is a list of over a dozen active NGOs that you can support.

#1 The Lebanese Red cross

The LRC is a humanitarian and nonprofit organization established in 1945. During the hard months of Covid-19 and the aftermath of the Beirut Blast, the LRC volunteers were at the frontline assisting the affected, risking their lives to save others, and continuing by providing help from door to door.

The LRC volunteers are always the first responders at the scene of incidents, accidents, and violent clashes. To support them, visit here.

#2 Lebanese Food Bank

The Lebanese Food Bank is a nonprofit organization established to provide help against hunger in all Lebanon and it has been relentlessly providing food to those in need. By donating to the Lebanese Food Bank, you will be helping a child to eat this Christmas.

You may contact them on 01 510 499 or donate directly here.

#3 Sesobel

Since 1976, Sesobel has been helping children with disabilities as well as their families. The NGO has worked hard to remove the stigma surrounding children with disabilities. By offering financial support, even if just 100 000 LBP, you will be giving a gift to one of its children.

You may contact the NGO at 961.9.235.435 or donate directly here.

#4 SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children Villages is an international NGO active in 136 countries.

Lebanon’s chapter is part of this world’s largest practitioner movement that helps children deprived of parental care or at risk of being deprived and works in securing them with a loving and nurturing environment where they can strive.

SOS Children’s Village Lebanon also provides short-term emergency assistance to kids and their families in crises. That was quickly observed in the aftermath of the Beirut Blast when it launched its Emergency Response Program (ERP).

They are currently inviting donations to help the schooling of 300 children. You may contribute by visiting here.

#5 Arcenciel

ARCENCIEL (AEC) was established by a group of mindful citizens, including doctors, during the Lebanese civil war to see to the health needs of people with disabilities. That was at a time when there was no government, the country was divided, and its ministries were inoperational.

The NGO hasn’t stopped since then. It has developed and expanded its mission, earning an excellent reputation and the people’s trust for its amazing work.

AEC has 5 equipped centers across Lebanon, providing medical consultations and therapies, which counted in the thousands in 2020 alone. They’ve also distributed up to 10.000 medications.

Responding to the painful needs left by the Beirut Blast, AEC opened a new health center in Beirut (Clemenceau).

AEC is currently campaigning for financial support via Arcenciel France to continue its humanitarian mission during this aggravating crisis. 100% of the donations will be transferred to AEC Lebanon.

To support, visit HelloAsso.

AEC is also involved with Amities Neuilly Liban to help secure Milk for Lebanon; another way you can help this Christmas.

#6 Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL)

The CCCL was established in Lebanon in 2002 with a mission to save the lives of children suffering from cancer. It provides free access to treatment and health care to every child who is diagnosed with cancer without any discrimination.

The CCCL was impacted by the Beirut Blast and has been suffering from a lack of cancer treatment medication.

The NGO has currently 3 programs of support, making it possible for anybody to help out according to their capabilities. Visit here for more information on their donation programs.

#7 Beit El Baraka

A secular, apolitical, and very active NGO, Beit El Baraka has for mission to ensure dignity to seniors and Lebanese families that have been deprived of their basic needs and rights. It also assists the elderly in their struggles and hardships during the ongoing multi-dimensional crisis.

By supporting this NGO, you will be helping an elderly person this festive season and beyond. Visit here for more information or to support.

#8 Matbakh el Balad

Matbach El Balad, which translates into The Town’s Kitchen was born from the Lebanese Revolution of October 2019 to feed people impacted by the economic crisis.

They haven’t stopped since then, relentlessly cooking warm meals with volunteers and packing food parcels for people in need across Lebanon.

They are currently helping feed 650 vetted families with monthly non-perishable food packages that cover the monthly needs of a family of 5 members.

Matbach El Balad, which is run by a community of volunteers, is aiming to meet the monthly need of food of 1000 families. To do so, they are calling for support, which you can do via their crowdfunding page. With as little as $5 donation, you can help them feed one family for a month.

#9 Lebanon Needs

Lebanon Needs is a nonpolitical and nonprofit organization founded in 2019. It provides healthcare solutions, medications and medical support to vulnerable Lebanese patients, and and life-saving equipment for hospitals.

The NGO has been liaising with the Lebanese diaspora to support its endeavors. For more information or to donate, visit here.

#10 Offre Joie

Offre Joie is a nonpolitical NGO founded in 1985 during the civil war by a group of young Red Cross volunteers working together in unity to help the injured regardless of their different sects and political ideologies. By establishing Offre Joie, they committed to heal their war-torn county.

Their mission has continued ever since, bringing together volunteers from all Lebanese worldwide to provide support to marginalized people, especially during the ongoing difficult crisis.

Offre Joie had actively helped rehabilitate many houses devastated by the Beirut Blast and assisted many affected families.

To support them, contact their Badaro office at +961 3 310 442 or visit their donation page.

#11 Nusaned

Nusaned is a humanitarian and volunteer organization that has a significant record of achievement.

Its mission is to work economically, socially, and environmentally through three main programs to provide shelter, food security, and economic opportunities to underprivileged Lebanese communities.

They support them to become self-sufficient and resilient, create employment opportunities in the agricultural and construction sectors, rehabilitate and build community spaces, and promote sustainable agriculture to achieve food security.

For more information or to donate, visit here.

#12 Bassma

Bassma is an NGO that works to empower disadvantaged families by providing them with financial help them fight hunger as well as education. Their mission includes protecting children and the elderly and ensuring protection to victims of abuse whether they were children, women, or elderly people.

To support Bassama this season, check its families’ wish-list, and book the gifts you would like to offer by sending an email to [email protected] These gifts range from $4 to $12 only.

#13 Caritas Lebanon

Caritas Lebanon aims to reduce poverty by offering social, medical, and economic development. It is part of Caritas Internationalis founded in Rome in 1950.

Their mission is to spread love and stop discrimination, hatred, and prejudice. They do so by assisting marginalized communities, children with special needs, refugees, the poor, and so on, regardless of their ethnic and religious background.

To support them, visit here.

#14 Heartbeat

The Lebanese NGO Heartbeat assists children born with heart disease by providing all type of help when the child comes under their care. Since its establishment in 2005, Heartbeat has treated over 3,500 children and assists over 300 families every year.

Over 100 people are involved in this mission to help save little hearts, from medical staff to performing artists and volunteers.

By helping them, you will be giving a child an opportunity to live.

For more information or to support, visit here.

#15 Children Against Cancer

This Lebanese association helps Lebanese children suffering from cancer or blood disorders. It supports their treatment by funding chemotherapy as well as other treatments. This NGO works entirely with the help of volunteers and donations.

For more information on how to help a child today through them, visit here.

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