The Niha Town of Chouf In 20+ Beautiful Pictures

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In Chouf, lays one of four Lebanese towns called Niha. Located 44 miles from Beirut, the old town has been inhabited since the time of the Romans.

Calm Niha

There are four Lebanese towns that use the name Niha. They are located in Batroun, Tyre, Bekaa, and Chouf. The name comes from the Syriac word neeha referring to a calm or peaceful place.


The town is famous for its olive groves and the production of grapes, apples, plums, and almonds.

Home of a Lebanese Icon

The late Wadih El-Safi, a legendary Lebanese singer, songwriter, composer, and actor was a native of Niha, Chouf.

Stone Houses

When visiting Niha you’ll notice that it’s an old town with traditional Lebanese houses.

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Fun fact: the region has been inhabited since Roman times.

Nabi Ayoub Shrine

Niha is believed to be the place where the biblical prophet Job lived for a while during the period of his healing miracle and is believed to be buried there.

Niha Fortress

One of the most popular attractions in Niha is the cave fortress ( also known as the Cave of Tyron).

Throughout its history, it was used by the Crusaders and Mamluks to control the road linking Saida and Bekaa. It is said that Emir Fakheddine took refuge in this cave.

It is an ancient fortress mentioned in 975 AD and is visited today as cultural heritage in the Chouf Cedars Nature reserve.

Ancient Churches

In addition to the Shrine of Job and Niha’s Fortress, tourists love to visit in Niha are Saint George and Saint Joseph church.

Bridges from History

Niha has two very old bridges, El Jisr el Tahtani and Jisr Tareeq el Nahr; a sight for new generations to image the past.

Marvelous Winters

During the winter, Niha Chouf becomes covered in snow, making it live up to its Syriac name as the “calm/peaceful” town.

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Public Garden

The town has a quaint public garden for its residents and visitors.


Niha is part of the Shouf Cedar Biosphere Reserve which “stretches from Dahr Al-Baidar in the north to Niha Mountain in the south” according to Shouf Cedar website.

Many people participate in hiking events that include passing by Niha.

It is also one of the many places in Lebanon suitable for camping.

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