The Lebanese Government Failed To Provide Electricity For Students Sitting Their Official Exams

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Students went to schools on 25th June to do their official exams as scheduled by the Education Ministry. However, many found themselves amid the storm of the electricity crisis.

Several of the assigned schools for these official exams were cut off from power supply, particularly in Tripoli and most villages, reportedly due to a morning storm.

The students couldn’t see the exam papers in front of them.

Director-General of Education and Chairman of the Specialized Committees Imad Al-Ashkar called for private generator owners to supply the schools with electricity.

Owners replied with rejection to the demand, stating that it is the job of the government, not theirs, to provide electricity to schools.

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Meanwhile, students had to anxiously wait for the electricity to come back to proceed with their exams.

Official exams in Lebanon are very stressful for the students on normal days, let alone this stressful uncertainty they went through, which might affect the outcome of their exams.

It is to note that high-schoolers in Lebanon must succeed in these official exams in order to be allowed to enter university. It is their future that is at stake during these exams.

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