No Fuel Crisis In Lebanon Despite The Resurgence Of Queues At Gas Stations

AP Photo/Hussein Malla

On Monday, the representative of the fuel distributors in Lebanon, Fadi Abou Shakra, denied through Annahar a fuel crisis despite the resurgence of queues.

The queues were seen mostly in South Lebanon and were due to the closure of some gas stations which caused people to panic and hurry to the open ones.

Abou Shakra explained that some stations closed because they had a shortage of fuel due to the three-day holiday and confirmed that fuel distribution will resume as normal starting tomorrow.

He also stressed on the Ministry of Energy and Water to take into consideration the frustration of gas station owners operating at a loss when the exchange rate heavily fluctuates since they buy the fuel in fresh dollars and sell it in Lebanese Lira according to the fuel prices grid released by the ministry.

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