There’s No Home Like A Home In Lebanon

Once again, Byblos Bank released another incredible emotional video about Lebanon. This time, it’s to promote their home and land loan service. The video is going to make you laugh and cry at the same time! We really don’t have much more to say about it so we’re just going to have it speak for itself! But well done Byblos Bank!

This is the text if you’re unable to watch it:

So what is it you miss the most? Don’t tell us it’s the sun, or the sea, or the mountains. We’ve heard it all before. Is it the taste of the first almond in the spring? Is it the thousand aromas of a never-ending Sunday lunch? Is it your grandma’s cooking? Maybe. Or maybe it’s that old song you know that takes you back to a familiar place whenever you close your eyes. Maybe it’s the Mankoushe. Do you prefer it homemade? Or after midnight? Let’s face it, where else can you find a plumber on a Sunday? Where else does a street have more than one name? Where else does a cab hail you and not the other way around? And where else can you get delivery for absolutely everything? There’s no other country like your country. It’s where you were born. It’s your family. It’s your friends. That’s why wherever you go, you know you’ll come back one day. Because there’s no home like a home in Lebanon.

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