15-Year-Old Noura Hatoum’s Body Has Been Found

15-Year-Old Noura Hatoum's Body Has Been Found
Lebanese Forces

The body of 15-year-old Noura Hatoum has been located, days after a search operation was launched to find the missing girl.

On Thursday, members of the Lebanese Civil Defense Sea Rescue Unit and the Lebanese Commando Regiment found Hatoum’s body and retrieved it after she fell into the Ibrahim River.

Search and rescue teams had been searching for Hatoum since last Sunday when she fell into the river during a hiking trip with her friends.

During the search operation, the Lebanese Army mobilized a helicopter to scan the search area, while Civil Defense personnel deployed an inflatable boat to navigate the river. The girl’s family and friends, alongside a group of volunteers, helped look for her throughout.

Her body was finally located 100 meters away from the cliff where she had fallen, using a drone.

Noura Hatoum was the second person to go missing at a river after 34-year-old Hady Hokayem, who was last seen going into the Jaouz River on April 14th.

Nearly a month has passed since Hokayem’s mysterious disappearance, and no trace of him has been found yet.

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