Check out the number of parliamentary seats per party

After nine years of waiting, the Lebanese parliamentary election finally took place yesterday. What’s disappointing is that a lot of violations occurred in polling stations. A lot of fights happened in front of these stations, and some people were seen bribing voters. Also, people were seen accompanying voters and checking who they are voting to. Some outlets violated the electoral media blackout reported on campaigns during Election Day.

The Minister of Interior and Municipalities Nouhad Machnouk announced the official results of the 2018 Lebanese parliamentary election. You can check them



Below are the number of parliamentary seats per party.

Free Patriotic Movement and allies: 29 seats Future Movement: 21 seats Amal Movement: 16 seats Lebanese Forces: 15 seats Hezbollah: 13 seats Various parties: 12 seats Socialist: 9 seats Al Azm: 4 seats Kataeb: 3 seats Marada Movement: 3 seats Syrian Social Nationalist Party: 3 seats

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