People Were Finally Arrested For Shooting During New Year’s Eve


The Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) are dutifully arresting people who participated in the reckless ‘celebratory’ shooting on New Year’s Eve.

Stray bullets rained down on sullen cities across Lebanon, causing injuries, a few reported deaths, and ample material damage to buildings, cars, as well as four MEA airplanes, three of which were brand new.

The shootings happened despite the many awareness campaigns against the backward tradition of celebratory gunfire, the government’s decision to crack down on the practice, and the decision to freeze the validity of civilian firearm licenses for a month.

On Sunday, the ISF announced that it has, so far, arrested 34 people who had opened fire in different regions in Lebanon and will continue to pursue the shooters and arrest them.

Security forces called on the community to report them and help put an end to this mindless act that puts society at risk and endangers the lives of innocents.

Not long ago, that absurd tradition during a funeral took the life of the Lebanese footballer Mohammad Atwi, who was hit by a stray bullet.

The ISF has asked people to submit photos or videos of the shooters as compelling evidence incriminating them. People are welcomed to submit proof through the ISF’s website or through social media. The statement noted that senders’ identities will remain confidential.

The ISF will be preparing a video that compiles all available footage of the shooters alongside pictures of them during their arrest.

Additionally, caretaker Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi later announced to Al-Jadeed News that 40 shooters have been stopped. The ISF is yet to publish whether or not there was an update to the official number of arrests.

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