Modern & State-of-the-Art

961 HQ and 961Offices will become an active lab for some of the coolest tech features to be tested out. We have one of the fastest internet speeds in Lebanon.

Right now access to our space is by facial recognition which will give you access to all our spaces as we open across Lebanon.


24/7 access for all our members. With 24/7 electricity and internet. Need to work after a few drinks out? We've been there too. Just come by, the space will be open.

Open Workspace

Find a spot to focus and collaborate. Take a break from working from home and choose from our hot desks or get work done on our terrace.

Private Dedicated Booths

Our dedicated private booths are perfect for you and your teammate when you're ready for an upgrade! You can set up your monitors and leave them there - it's your space.

Team Workspaces

Offices are outdated. Workspaces are designed for your team to boost collaboration and productivity. We have predefined spaces for teams of up to 24.

We also work with you to create spaces perfect for your team, whether you need it for a few dozen people or for hundreds - we have access to all the prime locations in Lebanon.

Bring 961Offices management to enhance your company's productivity and space.

Other Benefits

  • Business address & mail management available for all members

  • Friendly staff & professional security

  • Discounted advertising rates on 961

  • Cohesive community (we select our main members to ensure they are compatible and contribute to our growing community)

  • Networking opportunities

  • Fun and professional events to boost the community and create fruitful bonds (workshops, DJs, drinks on the terrace, outings, wine tasting, food tasting etc.)

  • Coming soon: Incubator and access to investments/funding for startups

Join Today!

Spaces are going quick and we're expanding just as quickly!

We want to share the same platform and systems that power the fastest growing media company with freelancers and companies wanting to build in Lebanon - all while creating a much needed supportive community.

Anthony Kantara, CEO of 961